Friday, July 8, 2011

Mexico vs Peru match copa America 2011

Welcome to the 2011 Copa America..........  Group C to today . Today 08/07/2011, Argentinain time 19:15 pm (22:15 GMT), Venue : Mendoza,  Peru vs Mexico match.. Both  are  2nd match of  today. .Explain that there are Peru, Mexico Group C of the standings than the benefits. Monday night is a vital 1-1 draw against Uruguay. , Invited only a good result against Mendoza Mexico Peru 2011 Copa America, a surprise package will increase the size of the tag. , The story is different in that it is a fight for the mexicans, Mexico, Chile on match day 1 of their defeat bitterly that competition can not be an option, not large.
 Match Time
Mexico vs Peru
08/07/2011, Argentinain time 19:15 pm (22:15 GMT)
Venue : Mendoza..

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