Saturday, July 9, 2011

Match preview of Brazil vs Paraguay

Match preview of Brazil vs Paraguay

Brazil, Argentina pathao what will be the way? Today I will be able to stand around menejesera team? Drata accident was the first match, Brazil will be proved if you want to win today. Search suruta not good. Bolivia, with the first match (1-1) next match is a draw golasunyabhabe with Colombia. She has a way of growing up in the final quarter bandhurai sbagatikadera. Pamcabarera world champions Brazil accused the beginning of shock. This field has been in Brazil with Venezuela golasunya drara. Jitale mano menejesera Paraguay against Brazil in quarterfinal pathata will be smooth. Venezuela myacake a 'deviation' commitment to the designation of Brazil coach menejesa damranorai around. Like when I brajilake rupei, the promise of rabinaho. Menejesera goal is to get a win can bring some change.

It rabinaho or elano, ramiresa or Lucas - yinii kheluka it is not a by Paraguay. They thought the star santosa neimara. There are many problems with pace and he can be. You should be aware of the Paraguay defender Paulo neimara Dr. Silver said. Today, that team will win the group that ate the last chances to be increased.

Brazil & Paraguay  face to face.................................

       Match         Brazil        Paraguay        Draw
Total    72                             45                           10                             17
Copa    27                            13                            7                                7

Match schedule
Brazil vs Paraguay
09/07/2011,Argentinain time 16:00 pm (19:00 GMT)
Venue : Cordoba

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